Historical Model

Spectacles makers since 1959

Our brand hisory began in 2011 with the finding of a mysterious box in our company archives. This box was filled with old projects and prototypes.

Ideas of a man we know very little about, far from us. We tried hard to reconstruct his story through the documents we just found. He was a strong, hard-working man, with a great personality and creativity: His name was Mr Hally. These are the first prototypes Hally & Son discovered that day.

Glasses handcrafted by Mr. Hally, presumably riding between 40s and 50s. Some details were immediately caught our attention: the asymmetry of the detail of the hinges and the terminal auction rounded like a button. These elements are able to give great recognizability to the product.


Just by the discovery of these models is born in us the will to carry forward the concept created and developed long ago in England.
Inside the box, in addition to the prototypes they were also found many drawings, notes and one of his personal notebooks that allowed us to recreate the myth Hally & Son.

For us, the box founded in the company archives, has a mission, to continue what Mr Hally started. We felt compelled to revive the Hally & Son dream and his incomplete designs.

The way in which we discovered the box and the rare beauty of the projects has motivated us to bring them along. We reinterpreted the concepts trying to keep alive the link with the past.



“We dedicate our collections to all of those craftmen who lived the eyewear dream”.

“Ther’s a soul in my collections, A soul that finally has been appreciated by those stylish intellectuals. The incredible emtions I have beent experiencing in these years are difficult to describe but they can be easily interpreted… I didi t! Mi dream came true. My creations have been valued”.

“Beautiful things are unchangeable, therefore everlasting. My dream is to create timeless eywear whose beuty will shine thourgh generations. I believe that Italian culture could help me through my journey”.


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